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I’m With Fred

John on June 6, 2007 at 1:50 am

Fred Thompson quit his job on Law and Order last month and is going to announce his candidacy for President on July 4th. Just today his campaign website went live. The URl is “”.

Here’s how I see the other Republicans in the race:

  • I like Giuliani and appreciate his leadership after 9/11. But gratitude is not going to get anyone into office (unless their name is Eisenhower or Washington). I also don’t trust his promise to appoint conservative Justices and I don’t think he can beat Hillary or Obama. Too many strikes against him.
  • Romney is simultaneously too Christian (for secular America’s taste) and too not-Christian (for my taste). I’m glad there’s no religious test for office in America, but I can’t help applying one on my own and neither can a lot of other people. Apologies to Hugh Hewitt, but there isn’t going to be a Mormon in the White House this go around. Romney can’t win.
  • McCain is a war hero and a good man. He’s also too old and too centrist to push past Obama or Hillary. His race is all but over already.
  • Huckabee, Tommy Thompson, etc. No chance of beating the Dems. They’re running for the 2nd spot.

That leaves Fred. He’s a tough talking conservative who can play the common sense card in a way Hillary only dreams of. If she’s the nominee on the Dem side, Fred wins. He’ll destroy her in the debates.

Obama would be a tougher opponent. Let’s face it, in that case it becomes a race about the winsome black man vs. the Southern-gentish white guy. The Dems will play the race card and, abetted by the media, probably damage Fred.

But it doesn’t end there. Obama is still newer at this than Fred. He’s also not likely to beat Fred in a debate. In my opinion, Fred is the only guy on the Republican side who has any shot of beating Obama.

That’s why I’m with Fred.

And, though he hasn’t asked me, once the dust settles I’d ask Giuliani to be the VP. In that slot, all of his negatives are minimized and his strengths — as a campaigner, as a leader, as a speaker — largely remain. Plus he’s from New York and might help draw some of those legendary Reagan Democrats.

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Update: Inspired by Henry’s comment below. I’d like to think Fred would get a chuckle of this:


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