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CAIR San Diego: Don’t Jump to Conclusions About Al Awlaki

John on December 30, 2009 at 10:10 am

Edgar Hopida is a Muslim convert who is now CAIR San Diego’s Director of Public Relations. In the clip below (click to view) Hopida responds to reports that the Christmas Day bomber had connections to former San Diego imam Anwar al Awlaki:

Essentially his message is that no one should jump to conclusions about al Awlaki’s involvement. This is surprising given that Hopida has already confessed his shock over Awlaki’s involvement with the Ft. Hood shooter. Back in November he had this to say:

“From his work here, it was nothing but positive in San Diego. This is a big surprise to the U.S. and San Diego Muslim community,” said Hopida.Hopida said he never heard his former Muslim cleric Awlaki talk about hatred for Americans or extremist views.”It’s disturbing for someone to say he’s a hero when he’s attacked innocent people,” said Hopida.

So what is there to jump to conclusions about at this late date? It’s a given that al Awlaki was in contact with Nidal Hasan. He’s clearly a radical and almost certainly an al Qaeda member. Does his involvement with the Christmas Day bomber make him any more radical? We don’t have to jump to conclusions at this point, we can take a short step from involvement in one act of terror to his reported involvement in another.

If you watch the clip, you’ll see that Hopida quickly changes the topic to racial profiling and the real danger, i.e. the coming anti-Muslim backlash:

We’re bracing for this backlash and I’m informing the Muslim community leaders here in San Diego to beef up your security, to report any kind of suspicious behavior.

Got that? In the wake of another attempted act of terror by a Muslim, CAIR is warning Muslims to be on guard and report suspicious behavior. Not the behavior of potential Muslim terrorists, but the behavior of anti-Muslim mobs which have yet to materialize. Unbelievable.

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