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Marc Ambinder on Why Obama Kept His Tee Time

John on December 27, 2009 at 9:58 pm

Is there a method to the President’s madness? Ambinder says so:

There is a reason why Obama hasn’t given a public statement. It’s strategy.

Here’s the theory: a two-bit mook is sent by Al Qaeda to do a dastardly deed. He winds up neutering himself. Literally.

Authorities respond appropriately; the president (as this president is wont to to) presides over the federal response. His senior aides speak for him, letting reporters know that he’s videoconferencing regularly, that he’s ordering a review of terrorist watch lists, that he’s discoursing with his secretary of Homeland Security.

But an in-person Obama statement isn’t needed; Indeed, a message expressing command, control, outrage and anger might elevate the importance of the deed, would generate panic (because Obama usually DOESN’T talk about the specifics of cases like this, and so him deciding to do so would cue the American people to respond in a way that exacerbates the situation).

So a guy almost takes down an airliner, in fact would have if his detonator hadn’t failed, and Ambinder says he’s a “two-bit mook” unworthy of making a fuss over.

Question: Which of the 9/11 hijackers wasn’t a mook before 9/11?

How about Nidal Hasan? Was he just a mook too? It’s all just another dick joke until a couple hundred people die in a fireball, is that it?

Even if we accept this explanation, what’s Obama’s excuse for ignoring this and, more recently, this? Is the fate of Iran too small a thing to interrupt the President’s workout schedule or do we need a new excuse?

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