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White House Finds Way to Blame Bush for Terror Attempt

Morgen on December 27, 2009 at 11:56 am

Like clockwork. Here’s White House spokesperson Bill Burton who is with the President in Hawaii (via Politico):

Robert Gibbs and Secretary Napolitano made clear that we are pressing ahead with securing our nation against threats and our aggressive posture in the war with al Qaeda. We are winding down a war in Iraq that took our eye off of the terrorists that attacked us, and have dramatically increased our resources in Afghanistan and Pakistan where those terrorists are. We are putting the pressure on al Qaeda worldwide with all elements of American power, and key al Qaeda leaders have been taken out in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Gibbs also made clear the President refuses to play politics with these issues. As he said in West Point, we must put aside petty politics and recapture the unity that we had after 9/11.

Lastly, Gibbs and Secretary Napolitano announced that the president has asked that the policies and procedures that have been in place the last several years related to watch-listing and all information available on the suspect be reviewed. He has also asked that the Department of Homeland Security, specifically the Transportation Security Administration, review its practices and capabilities as he is interested in learning how the explosive material was brought on board the aircraft and steps that can be taken to enhance the ability of airport screeners to detect and interdict such materials in the future. (Ed. emphasis added)

This playbook is really getting tired. The deaths of nearly 300 people were only narrowly (and perhaps miraculously) avoided, and the White House chooses once again to deflect blame to an Administration that has been out of office for nearly a year now. While at the same time claiming they refuse to play politics.

This isn’t about blame and it isn’t about politics. It’s about the security of our nation, and it’s incumbent on the Administration to demonstrate that this is truly a top priority.

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