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Single Payer Physicians Urge Defeat of Health Reform

John on December 22, 2009 at 1:39 pm

A press release from their website:

Congress’ capitulation to insurers – along with concessions to the pharmaceutical industry – fatally undermines the economic viability of reform. The bill would inflate the already crushing burden of insurance-related paperwork that currently siphons $400 billion from care annually. According to CMS’ own projections, the bill will cause U.S. health costs to increase even more rapidly than presently, and budget neutrality is to be achieved by draining funds from Medicare and an accounting trick – front-loading the new revenues while delaying most new coverage until 2014. As homeowners seduced into balloon mortgages have learned, pushing costs off to the future is neither prudent nor sustainable.

So true. Of course the only reason we’re stuck with this turkey is single payer advocates thought it was a passable path to get to what they really want.

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