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ObamaCare is Just the Camel’s Nose

John on December 21, 2009 at 9:05 am

We won the battle against the public option, but Democrats still have greatly increased government control over health care. Philip Klein breaks it down at the American Spectator:

“This is not the end of health care reform,” Sen. Tom Harkin declared on the Senate floor after midnight this morning. “This is the beginning of health care reform.”

Harkin was attempting to convince restive liberals that even a scaled back health care bill that did not include their beloved public option was still worth passing. But his comments, along with those made by other Senate Democrats in the week leading up to this morning’s 1 a.m. vote to advance the Senate health care bill, confirmed what critics have been saying throughout the health care debate.

The point isn’t that this one piece of legislation, on its own, will impose a Canadian-style, government-run health care system on the United States immediately. The point is that Democrats are putting infrastructure in place that will allow them to implement a government-run system over time.

That’s just his intro, the rest is worth reading.

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