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A Plethora of Atheist vs. Christian Debates (Updated)

John on May 9, 2007 at 11:06 pm

Update: I got another report from Blondie who was halfway through the ABC debate. She said it was pretty bad. Cameron was trying, but didn’t have the scientific chops to argue some of the points.  I’ll watch it eventually. Not now.

Meanwhile I just went over to Beloved Spear to see what was up with Pastor David and his upcoming debate with the rational response squad. In case you missed it, David created some truly brilliant video responses to the RRS, essentially challenging them to a duel…er, a debate. They agreed to have him on their next podcast.

Anyway, since I haven’t watched it, I didn’t realize the RRS was the group in the ABC debate. So it turns out Pastor David, who actually seems to have a handle on some of the deeper arguments, got bumped in favor of Kirk Cameron.

The horror…the horror…

David says the RRS folks were very nice about it all but let’s face it, they chose the weakest opponent. Guess I can’t blame them. Given the choice I’d rather debate the existence of God with Andy Rooney on TV than with Sam Harris on a podcast.

Enlightened self interest, right?

[End update.]

It’s a boom market! Not long ago there was Sam Harris vs. Andrew Sullivan, then ABC offered us Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron vs. somebody. And over at Christianity Today it’s Chris Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson.

Personally, I’m not a Ray Comfort fan. I’m sure he embarrassed Christians in that debate so I can’t bring myself to watch. I read the entire Harris vs. Sullivan exchange and I have to say, Andrew did a pretty good job, especially considering he’s not a scientist at all.

I just read the first round of the Hitchens vs. Wilson debate and it felt like Hitch wasn’t really engaged. I’m not trying to be slyly dismissive here. Obviously I’m not rooting for him to win anyway, but I’ve read enough of Hitchens’ stuff to appreciate what a master wordsmith he is, whatever the argument. The man is smart and wields a pen like a prison shiv when he feels it’s appropriate. But here it just feels like he’s going through the motions to promote his book. Wilson, on the other hand, is polite but clearly has some passion.

Wilson wins round one on points, but I have no doubt Hitchens has some jarring punches in store for the later rounds.

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