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The Offutt AFB Closure Threat

John on December 17, 2009 at 12:07 am

The White House and Ben Nelson’s office are denying the threat was made. Media Matters says it is a “dubious rumor.” Meanwhile Michael Goldfarb at TWS is sticking to his guns saying “I’m confident it’s true.”

It seems completely appropriate that 20 GOP Senators have now sent a letter asking the Senate Armed Services Committee to launch an investigation. However, I’m not sure how they get the truth on this one. Nelson and the White House are predictably denying everything. Presumably the person who got this information got it from someone close to Nelson. That person (a staffer?) is not going to open their mouth because they’d be fired and then blackballed for eternity by their entire party.

I’d bet it’s true, but they’ll get away with this one precisely because it’s so extreme. Like Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright or lipstick on a pig — no one wants to believe the “elegant” agent of hope and change is really a crass/stupid jackass. Not yet anyway.

One of these days a story like this will be a tipping point for Americans. The sheen will finally have rubbed off the plastic messiah. When that happens, there will be a retrograde reconsideration of a lot of events including this one.

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