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Video: Bernie Sanders Lashes Out at GOP Over Single Payer Amendment

Morgen on December 16, 2009 at 1:30 pm

For some crazy reason Sen. Reid allowed Bernie Sanders to bring an amendment to the floor today which would directly implement a single-payer system in place of the reforms in the current Senate health bill. As I headlined earlier today, the Senate GOP finally grew a pair and decided to use a procedural rule to have the entire text of Sanders amendment read out loud on the Senate floor. Several hours into this, Sanders had enough and agreed to withdraw the amendment. But he wasn’t happy about it as you’ll see in the video below. Be sure to stick through at least the 3:00 mark to hear Sanders stating with absolute certainty that Congress will eventually legislate a single payer system:

YouTube Preview Image

Frankly I think a better strategy for the GOP would have been to vote in favor of the amendment to highlight the fact that this is what most liberals are really aiming for. It would have been fun to watch the Democratic leadership scramble if the amendment had passed.

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