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Jonathan Chait: Lieberman is Just Dumb…And Benefits from Jewish Stereotypes

Scott on December 15, 2009 at 1:56 pm

Following up on John’s post about E.J. Dionne’s petty pout fest related to Joe Lieberman, I thought is noteworthy to also point out Jonathan Chaitt’s rant in The New Republic in which he claims that Lieberman is an idiot who benefits from Jewish stereotyping.  A few choice excerpts:

“I also think liberals, myself included, might be driving ourselves a little nuts trying to divine Lieberman’s motives I think one answer here is that Lieberman isn’t actually all that smart. He speaks, and seems to think, exclusively in terms of generalities and broad statements of principle. But there’s little evidence that he’s a sharp or clear thinker, and certainly no evidence that he knows or cares about the details of health care reform.”

Yes, Jonathan, you are right.  But thank goodness that the Democrats have Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who are GIANTS of intellectual prowess, able to articulate the finer points of Democratic domestic policies at every turn.  And praise the gods that the Dems have Vice President Joe Biden, a MASTER of geopolitical understanding who navigates the finer points of international politics like Michelangelo deftly moves around a piece of marble, visualizing the end result before the chisel ever makes contact.  (Jonathan, that was all sarcasm.)

“I suspect that Lieberman is the beneficiary, or possibly the victim, of a cultural stereotype that Jews are smart and good with numbers With Lieberman, we all suspect it’s part of a plan. I think he just has no idea what he’s talking about and doesn’t care to learn. Lieberman thinks about politics in terms of broad ideological labels. He’s the heroic centrist voice pushing legislation to the center. No, Lieberman doesn’t have any particular sense of what the Medicare buy-in option would do to the national debt. If the liberals like it, then he figures it’s big government and he should oppose it. I think it’s basically that simple.”

Or, Mr. Chaitt, Lieberman just might have different ideas than you do.

Oh, the arrogance to assume that if he just “learned” from you he would see the error of his ways.  Maybe he just DISAGREES with you and people like you, Mr. Chaitt.

Contrary to what the liberals WANT to believe, disagreement with them doesn’t make a person stupid or evil or ill-informed.  Disagreement means that there are different ways to see the issues and that through disagreement is built a better way/method of understanding.  Disagreement also might just mean that there are a lot of people out there, some of them even very smart people, who see things differently and who can articulate their ideas in such a way that pisses people like Jonathan Chaitt off because it makes them look bad.

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