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There’s This Epic New Sci-Fi Movie…

John on December 14, 2009 at 9:44 am

Ebert reviewed it. He said it was “rousing in an old pulp science fiction sort of way, but the climactic scene transcends the rest…” Of course they spent a huge amount of money on this thing. It may turn out to be impossible to break even on it.

I don’t want to spoil it all for you, but I did see it last weekend. Watched it at home with the kids actually. The plot is, well, nothing new. A hodge-podge team of experts make their way to an exotic and beautiful location.

Our hero faces many dangers but eventually (by chance) meets the aging king’s lovely daughter. She is exotic and shapely and has intriguing primitive face markings to go with her equally exotic name. They promptly fall in love. Within a few scenes we’re meant to understand that this is a great civilization which is deeply connected to the natural order, i.e. they’re the good guys.

And of course that means the other side are the bad guys. Sure some of them are there out of scientific curiosity but others are really just trying to get hold of these rare crystals which are going to make them very rich back home. It’s all about profit motive. The militant bad guys don’t care who they have to kill to get what they want from the natives. You guessed it, that means the princess is in danger.

In the end, our plucky hero adapts the native technology and rallies the troops for an all out assault on the invaders. He turns a few of the militants to his side and they rescue the princess and save the society from destruction. Sadly the princess’s father dies in the battle.

Pretty standard fare. The graphics were pretty outstanding. And, like Ebert said, the action scenes are handled pretty well. So, I’m going to recommend you rent Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire this weekend.

Princess Kida

Princess Kida

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