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We Are Already at War With Iran (Update)

John on April 24, 2007 at 12:25 am

Update 4/24: Eli Lake is back with more in the pages of the Sun today:

General Jalal says his 300-man outfit has arrested more than 100 jihadists who have crossed into his province from Iran since 2003. They include a husband and wife team, who he identified by their first names, Tooba and Khasraw, that tried to establish a safe house to recruit, fund, and equip suicide bombers; as well as an adolescent Iranian boy who was traveling through northern Iraq in order to detonate himself in Baghdad.

Here’s the money quote:

[F]or General Jalal, Iran is also a source of jihad. He said, “There are these jihadists in Iran. The Iranian authorities know about them. They have big capabilities and they are based close to our border. I ask, who can cross that border without the Iranians knowing? They can turn the dial up or down.”

[End update]

The first step in overcoming a problem is admitting you have one. So let’s just say it. We’re already at war with Iran; we just don’t want to admit it. In addition to Iran’s longstanding support for insurgents who are killing our soldiers in Iraq, they have now taken to paying off members of the Iraqi parliament:

Like most of the members of the Iraqi parliament, both Sunni and Shiite, Mithal al-Alusi has been offered cash by the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Hassan Kazemi Qomi. But unlike most of his colleagues in the parliament, Mr. al-Alusi has made the bribe public by telling the story to this journalist.

Sitting in his living room underneath a photo of his two sons who were slain by terrorists in 2005, Mr. al-Alusi says at first the offer of influence was conveyed by a local sheik he knew but declined to name. “They offered me anything I want,” he said.

Meanwhile, we learned last week that the Iranians are not only supporting insurgents in Iraq but in Afghanistan as well:

American forces recently intercepted Iranian-made weapons intended for Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, the Pentagon’s top general said yesterday, suggesting wider Iranian war involvement in the region.

At what point do we stop pretending this isn’t happening? Let’s not forget that in the background Iran is still feverishly working to produce its first atomic weapon. It’s hard to miss the parallels to the situation prior to the invasion of Iraq. Everyone, from John Kerry and Bill Clinton to President Bush believes Saddam had WMD. Despite everything Hollywood Joe Wilson has said, there was some evidence that Saddam was trying to restart his own nuke program.

Were we wrong or did the WMDs head to Syria. I’d guess the latter, but I freely admit we may never know. What we do know is that we now face Iran, another Islamic tyranny run by a man who denies the holocaust and promises to wipe Israel off the map. And unlike Iraq, there’s no possible mistake about his intent to acquire WMDs. In fact, Iran is probably within a year of having a nuke and it won’t be long after that that they’ll be able to strike Tel Aviv by nuclear armed missile.

Unfortunately, Britain and America are paralyzed by failure. The Democrats have opened their own foreign policy with Syria and, de facto via the media, with Iran as well. Harry Reid says we’ve already lost the war in Iraq. If there’s any sense in which he’s right, it’s this: We’re losing the proxy war with Iran. We’re losing because we aren’t prepared to acknowledge it exists.

We’ve done this at least twice before. Once with Germany. Once again with Al Quaeda. Each time we do the moment of clarity, when it finally comes, is more costly. With a nuclear Iran, it may be very costly indeed.

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