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Campus Crusade for Christ Reached Out to Cho Seung-Hui

John on April 22, 2007 at 3:23 pm

As I read about Cho Seung-Hui over the last week — the loner who spoke to no one –  I’ve often wondered whether or not anyone ever made an effort to reach out to him and try to pull him out of the downward spiral he was locked into. The answer is yes, someone did reach out to him:

Young-Hwan Kim, VT Korean Campus Crusade for Christ president, said his group had tried repeatedly to get Seung-Hui involved in its activities, but was rebuffed.

“No one knew him,” Kim said. “We had no contact throughout four years. It’s amazing. We could not reach out to him.”

While at Va Tech, I was a member of Campus Crusade. Well, initially I was an atheist. But after that I joined CCC and eventually became a Bible study leader and occasionally led music at weekly gatherings. It was a group that really tried to connect with other students, especially those who felt lost and alone on campus. So I’m not surprised that an effort was made to reach out to Cho Seung-Hui. I’m also not surprised he rejected those offers.

Today, Campus Crusade includes about 500 students on campus (out of 26,000). Four of those 500 were killed in Monday’s shooting:

“Several of our students were killed. Three that we know were involved with either Campus Crusade for Christ or with one of our sister affiliate ministries called Valor. There’s also another student that is not officially listed yet, but since no one has been able to reach her we believe she must be among the casualties.”

The Campus Crusade victims include Matt La Porte, Jerrett Lane, and Mary Read, who had signed up to be a student Campus Crusade leader next year.

Mary Read was born in South Korea, but her family now lives in Annandale, VA:

Mary Read, a freshman from Annandale, Va., played lacrosse, served pizza in the dining hall, and aspired to become an elementary-school teacher. She was also active in Campus Crusade for Christ and attended a Bible study on heaven one week before she died, according to friends.

The fourth student we now know was Lauren McCain:

Lauren McCain, a 20-year-old international studies major, became a Christian some time ago, her family said. The love of her life was Jesus Christ, as she listed in her MySpace page.

McCain was one of 33 people who were killed in the Virginia Tech shooting massacre Monday morning. She was part of Campus Crusade for Christ and her mission was to glorify God through her life, according to a comment posted by Jeanne Meadows of Hampton, Va., on CNN.

“Lauren was such a witness for Christ that I am sure she was praying for the gunman in her last moments on this earth,” Meadows stated.

Cho was right about one thing. It didn’t have to end this way. People did reach out to him, but he closed himself off from the lifelines that were thrown his way.

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