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Virgin Galactic Dubs New Ship “Enterprise”

John on December 8, 2009 at 11:02 am

Branson, you magnificent bastard. I was sold on this before, but now you’ve added the geek out factor:

On a cold and windy night at the Mojave Air and Space Port, the VSS Enterprise was unveiled to the public tonight. Attached to its mother ship, the vehicle better known as SpaceShipTwo is expected to be the first commercial spacecraft when it enters service with Virgin Galactic.

Here’s the ship:

Branson's VSS Enterprise

Here’s the promo video. Virgin should be paying me for this. I’ll settle for a discount on a trip into space, okay fellahs?

YouTube Preview Image

I really, really want to do this. Let’s see…how many blogads would it take to bring in $200K?

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