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D-Kos: Taking the High Road on Tech Coverage

John on April 19, 2007 at 3:02 pm

Yesterday, someone named boilerman10 at D-Kos posted a diary titled Ishmael Ax, a non-Malkinist view. Boilerman10 was reacting to speculation about a possible Islamic connection brought up on many blogs because of the unusual spelling “Ismail Ax”. Plus he had his own theory on the meaning of the phrase:

Ishmael Ax appears to be taken from various literary sources including top google draws like this one from Slate about Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone which features child soldiers being rehabilitated back into civilization. It’s a terrible story with implications that our own Iraq fiasco is creating such merciless children in Iraq.

His theory must have been quite popular as it comes up as the #2 Google result in a search for “Ishmael Ax.” Now if you clicked on that link above you noticed it’s a cached page. Here’s what you get today:

Sorry. I can’t seem to find that story.

Okay, we all know Kos has had problems with conspiracy theories on his site before. Obviously he’s decided to take the high road. Yeah, then maybe he ought to take a look at this page:


Here it is in context. Click for a full size version:


You can seal up the crazy in one place but it just keeps popping out somewhere else, I guess.

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