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ClimateGate Roundup

John on December 2, 2009 at 9:53 am

Let’s just do bullet points today, shall we?

  • Phil Jones steps down pending an investigation. Sounds like he’ll be back as soon as the heat is off.
  • Michael Mann is also being faux-investigated. Expect the all-is-clear as soon as they can identify the leaker and turn this into a story about him.
  • Douglas Keenan, writing at PJM, says there is another data scandal brewing. Queen’s University Belfast has for the last two years refused an FOI request to release tree ring data which would shed light on the Medieval Warm Period. Hiding the incline?
  • Hyperventilating media claims that the glaciers could by completely gone by 2035 turn out to be based on a typo. The original study said the glaciers could be gone by 2350. Oops! Maybe they were accelerating the date to account for the CO2 emissions of all the flying cars people will be driving?
  • Megan McArdle nails it on her third attempt. She was shaky out of the gate, but I agree with this completely. The e-mails are very, very troubling. However, that doesn’t mean AGW is undone. It just means we can’t trust the people who tell us the science is settled.

That was painless.

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