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Bill Ayers: A Terrorist Sandwich

John on December 2, 2009 at 8:55 am

From Doug Ross’ Journal:

Last month at the Renaissance Group’s Arlington conference there were only three speakers:

• Dr. Martha Kanter, our esteemed US Under-secretary of Education, spoke for 45 minutes

• Our aforementioned Education Secretary Arne Duncan spoke for another 45 minutes

• Unfathomably, sandwiched in between the two pillars of our so-called national educational brain-trust, and getting to speak for one entire hour, was none other than our radical reformist and school-system-destroying demolitions expert, Bill Ayers.

Here’s the conference agenda from October. Here’s a couple photos…

Bill Ayers Renaissance Speaker

Bill Ayers Renaissance Speaker 2

Why would the Secretary of Education agree to share the stage with this mass-murder-wannabe? Even apart from the fact that this guy should be in prison, his school reform  agenda hasn’t accomplished anything. The report on the Annenberg Challenge said it did nothing for Chicago schools, no measurable performance gains.

He was a big-talking failure as a communist terrorist; now he’s a big-talking failure as a school reformer.

[Thanks to Silver Surfer 11 for the tip.]

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