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El Baradei’s Final Admission of Failure

John on November 27, 2009 at 10:37 am

I’ll miss him when he’s gone. Hah!:

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Mohamed ElBaradei said Thursday that his probe of allegations that Iran was trying to produce nuclear arms is at “a dead end” because Teheran is not cooperating.

ElBaradei criticized Teheran for not accepting an internationally endorsed plan meant to delay its ability to make such weapons. Confidence in Iran’s leaders, he warned, had shrunk in the wake of its belated revelation of a previously secret nuclear facility.

The unusually blunt comments appeared to be a reflection of ElBaradei’s frustration four days before he ends his tenure leading an agency that has proven unable to overcome Iran’s defiance.

It has also failed to alleviate international concerns that Teheran may be using a civilian nuclear program as a cover for plans to make weapons.

In case you’ve forgotten, as recently as August ElBaradei was opposing the publication of a secret report generated by his own agency, one which indicated Iran was using its civilian program as a cover to make weapons. And why did he oppose publication? Because he didn’t want to back Iran into a corner as it might make them more intransigent.

ElBaradei has been stuck on stupid, making this same excuse for Iran’s mullahs for more than two years. To really put this in perspective, this is the same Iran that created special munitions to be used against the US in the Iraq war. Remember EFPs? Probably more than 10% of our total casualties in Iraq are the direct fault of Iran. But ElBaradei said we just needed to talk and show them respect.

How about a bit more perspective. This is a regime which, if these tapes are accurate (and I believe they are), reminded its secret operatives:

How to direct people’s own anger for government purposes. Directing demonstrators to areas with lots of getaway routes, so they can run away and not fight, allowing the Security Forces to focus on the leaders (example of a cornered cat will scratch your eyes out, but if allowed, it will run away without draining the regime’s resources)

And that really sums up the Iranian game in a nutshell. Always give the suckers at the IAEA and the EU enough of a way out that they can run rather than fight. And that’s exactly what they do, time after time.

As the years of his tenure wore on, it became clear that no progress was being made with Iran. He always had “hope” but not much to show for it. When asked why the situation seemed so intractable, ElBaradei had a stock answer:

It was others who failed.

Specifically, it was the Bush administration’s fault for not taking the numerous “diplomatic opportunities” to engage Iran. That excuse worked for him so long as Bush, the hated American cowboy, was in office. Now that we’ve had 10 months with a new President, one who made it abundantly clear more than a year ago that he intended to negotiate with Iran “without preconditions”, how is the situation improved? Well, as you’ve just heard from ElBaradei himself, it hasn’t improved at all. In fact, efforts have reached a “dead end.”

Despite Obama’s praising of Iran’s “great” Persian culture.” Despite his willingness to look the other way as they shot protesters dead in the streets. Despite Obama’s willingness to crack down on Israeli settlements as a way to gain “street cred” with the Iranians and despite his Nobel Peace prize [ElBaradei has one too of course], we’ve gotten nowhere.

So with just a few days to go in his tenure and no one left to blame, ElBaradei now admits that Iran is intransigent and there’s nothing to be done about it. Translation: George Bush was right and I was very, very wrong.

Sorry, world. Enjoy Iranian nuclear hegemony of the middle-east. I’ll be enjoying my retirement on the French Riviera [yes, really].

When the first Iranian nuke is tested, newspapers should superimpose ElBaradei’s face on the mushroom cloud. In fact, if the Iranians have any honor at all they’ll name their first nuke the “ElBaradei” in his honor. Because, let’s face it, they’d never have gotten this far without him.

Good riddance to this knave and fool.

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