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Climate-Gate E-mails in Context

John on November 26, 2009 at 11:28 am

Wanted to put this on the main page. If you’ve seen the e-mails but aren’t sure what the context is, read this. You get a string of e-mails in sequence along with commentary and the e-mails that prompted these behind the scenes responses.

I’m not going to excerpt it because it’s long, but the overall impact is devastating. There is simply no doubt that Phil Jones and his friends (including Michael Mann) were willing to flout the law in order to avoid having “skeptics” check their work. This might be understandable on a purely human plane, none of us enjoy criticism. But as the post points out, this is not how science works or is supposed to work.

Jones should be forced to resign. The FOIA people at his university who went along with his scheme should be fired. There is no possible excuse for people in these positions doing what they did.

Finally, this is the piece the major media could have written but have so far refused to. As we now know the BBC had the story a month ago and sat on it. Even now, the NY Times and other outlets are busy ginning up excitement over Obama’s chances for emissions regulations at Copenhagen to report on the biggest scientific scandal of the year, if not the decade. The media has fallen badly on this story. I’ll be surprised if the Times’ public editor isn’t issuing another “we were a beat behind” mea culpa next month.

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