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How to Hide the Incline

John on November 25, 2009 at 10:11 am

From one form of statistical malfeasance to another. This chart shows the cost of the Democrats health reform proposal (Senate flavor):

Slide 1

Looking at the green vs. blue brackets you’ll see how the Democrats crafted the bill such that they can claim it is only going to cost $900 billion within the standard 10-year budget window. This is only because it doesn’t begin operating until 2014 and then scales up gradually! In fact, the cost over the first decade of operation is fully double that number. [HT: Michael Barone]

I’d also like to call attention again to something Morgen discovered a week ago. The bulk of the “deficit reduction” in the Senate bill comes from one program. It’s an assisted living program for the elderly. However, this program will begin paying out much more money in the second 10 years and will not be contributing to any kind of surplus. In short, it’s another gimmick to hide the incline in costs.

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