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Reuters: Speaking Truth to Power (and the President’s Calvin Klein Socks)

Morgen on November 23, 2009 at 7:06 pm

Here’s Simon Denyer, the Washington Bureau Chief for Reuters, recounting an interview with President Obama earlier this month:

Barack Obama, America’s “rock star” president, greeted us with a smile and a handshake.

I had felt a little nervous before the interview, partly because we had so little time allotted, just 15 minutes to try to extract some news.

But I also felt a buzz of adrenalin. In a room that evokes history, power and tradition, we were waved to our seats by America’s first black president and a man who has caught the imagination of the world like few of his predecessors.

So what is he really like, my friends wanted to know afterward.

He seemed friendly and charming of course, but businesslike too; cautious and deliberative mostly, but sharp and amusing at times. He was very obviously proud of his daughters and maybe a little sensitive about his Nobel Peace Prize.

He was thin and angular, confident and smart, perhaps a little grayer around the temples than I had thought. I found myself noticing his Calvin Klein socks and long, black shoes.

Shockingly no news seems to have been extracted in the course of this hard-hitting fawning interview by the star-struck Mr. Denyer and his crack Reuters team.

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