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Phil Jones and Freedom of Information

John on November 23, 2009 at 10:26 am

There’s a piece in the Herald-Sun that has a helpful run-down of some of the more obnoxious Climate-Gate e-mails. What’s striking about these are not just the climate scientists desire to hide their data from critics, but their ability to get others on board with the program by convincing them that the critics FOIA requests need not be honored:

From: Phil Jones
To: santer, Tom Wigley
Subject: Re: Schles suggestion
Date: Wed Dec 3 13:57:09 2008
Cc: mann, Gavin Schmidt, Karl Taylor, peter gleckler


When the FOI requests began here, the FOI person said we had to abide by the requests. It took a couple of half hour sessions – one at a screen, to convince them otherwise showing them what CA was all about. Once they became aware of the types of people we were dealing with, everyone at UEA (in the registry and in the Environmental Sciences school – the head of school and a few others) became very supportive. I’ve got to know the FOI person quite well and the Chief Librarian – who deals with appeals. The VC is also aware of what is going on –

Anyone who relies on control and suppression of information to win a debate is suspect in my book. If the skeptics are wrong, then the data should make it more obvious, not less. What is Phil Jones afraid of?

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