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Thanks to Holder, KSM’s 15 Minutes Aren’t Over

John on November 23, 2009 at 5:37 am

From CBS 2 in New York:

On Sunday, CBS 2 learned that Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his four co-defendants will plead not guilty, a controversial courtroom strategy for the 9/11 terror suspects. But apparently it’s all part of a plan to make a very public political statement.


On Sunday, the attorney for one of the defendants announced the five suspects would all plead not guilty, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, self-proclaimed mastermind of the attacks.

The attorney said the terror suspects would not deny their roles in the attack, but would explain “what they did, and why they did it” – using the trial as a political platform to criticize U.S. foreign policy.

Unless they close the court to cameras, this is going to be a circus.

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