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More Violence by Liberal Thugs, This Time Over Immigration Reform

John on November 17, 2009 at 8:46 am

This is becoming almost routine:

YouTube Preview Image

Note that the pro-immigration folks are screaming “Amnesty yes, racists no” and “Racists go home” both before and after the incident. More than a little provocative. And yet it’s the pro-immigration goons who get physical and throw the first punches.

Consider this a preview of much more to come. If you’re against illegal immigration, you’re a racist. We heard a lot of that same claim this summer in relation to health care reform. Expect to hear a lot more now that Obama has put immigration reform on the agenda. Dissent is no longer patriotic, in fact it now warrants a beating in the street.

From the media’s Nothing-to-See-Here file:

[HT: Gateway Pundit]

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