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Quote of the Day on 9/11 Trial Decision

Morgen on November 15, 2009 at 9:51 am

Quote of the day:

I am still in a state of shock about Obama-Holder decision to try the world’s most notorious terrorists as civilians…

What really bothers me is that these guys are not civilians, they did not commit a robbery, or even a common murder. They are enemy combatants, conquered in war. Yet now, for reasons that are obscure to me, they are given the same rights and privileges as ordinary American citizens.

Holder is willing to take his chances that the master terrorist might be acquitted because the evidence does not meet civilian standards. And he is willing to take his chances that KSM’s lawyers will keep him alive for the next 20 years with appeal after appeal, challenging the admissibility of this or that, challenging the venue, challenging the findings of the previous appeal.

I watched Holder on PBS last night and found none of his explanations sensible or reasonable. I was utterly amazed at his pathetic rationalizations for this bad decision.

Who said this – John Bolton? Charles Krauthammer? Sarah Palin? 

None of the above. This spot-on diatribe is from liberal NYU Professor and occasional Huffington Post blogger Diane Ravitch.

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