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Curtis Martin III and the Case for Waterboarding

John on November 14, 2009 at 9:27 pm

Remember all the discussion of waterboarding and the “ticking-clock” scenario in which a suspect has information that could save lives? Even some liberals have suggester there may be a time when the need to protect life outweighs the need to protect rights.

How about a not-so-hypothetical case right here in California:

Jashon Williams was last known to be with his mother, Zoelina Williams, 23, of Oakland, who was found beaten and fatally shot at about 4 a.m. Friday in the park, police said. A suspect in the slaying, convicted child-killer Curtis Martin III, 38, of Oakland, remained in jail today.

Jashon’s family was holding out hope that the little boy would be found but acknowledged that their fears were mounting.

“We want a miracle to happen – we just want him to be home,” Williams’ brother, Karim Toney, 28, of Oakland, said today. “But for (Martin) to kill my sister, it only makes sense that something must have happened to the baby.”

Martin has a history of violence and has been convicted of robbery, burglary and weapons charges. He pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 11 years in prison for the 1994 fatal beating of 3-year-old Devin Brewer of Oakland, the son of his then-girlfriend.

Curtis Martin has already beaten one child to death. Now he is almost certainly responsible for the murder of a woman and the disappearance of her 17 month old son. The boy can’t survive more than 48 hours alone, if he’s still alive that is. The only person who knows the truth is murderer and career criminal Curtis Martin III.

Do we insure the child’s death by letting Martin hide behind the law, or do we try to save the child at the expense of Martin’s health?

It’s not an easy choice, not one to take lightly. I read Hitchens’ description of waterboarding. I’m convinced. It’s no joke. It’s bringing someone to the point of drowning and then doing it again and again. But there are lots of worse fates, including letting a 17 month old starve to death or freeze to death.

But if we make this available in extreme cases, won’t it get abused? It’s not hard to imagine some really unprofessional cops getting carried away with this and using it on shoplifters for kicks. The vast majority of cops are professionals who wouldn’t go there, but there are always a few morons. It really is a slippery slope that should worry all of us.

But when I imagine that smug, child-murdering SOB sitting in jail awaiting his next meal and then I look at this little boy, Jashon Williams, who if he’s alive is an orphan thanks to Curtis Martin…

Jashon Williams

Do it professionally. Do it as humanely as possible. But make the bastard talk before it’s too late.

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