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Jihad Encounters of the Third Kind

John on November 14, 2009 at 12:25 am

Based loosely on the categories created for studying UFO’s by J. Allen Hynek:

  • Jihad Enounters of the First Kind – Disturbing behavior.
    • A soldier who gives a lecture on the proper practice of Islam at a med school, including death to all infidels.
    • A psychiatrist who proselytizes his own patients.
    • A man who spends hours in a strip club asking the girls why they want to live a life of sin.
  • Jihad Encounters of the Second Kind – Evidence of militancy or divided allegiances.
    • A man who compares suicide bombers to a soldier falling on a grenade in war time in internet chat rooms.
    • A man who put the initials “SoA” on his business card, meaning Soldier of Allah.
    • A man who was in regular contact with a known al Qaeda recruiter.
    • A man who rants about the policies of his own commander in chief.
  • Jihad Encounters of the Third Kind – Holy War.
    • A man who screams “Allahu Ackbar” before opening fire on unarmed men and women.

It’s bad enough we didn’t see it beforehand. It’s beyond belief that so many (especially in the media) seem unable to see it even after the fact.

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