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Planned Parenthood Director Turned Pro-Lifer is Given Cold-Shoulder at Her Church

John on November 13, 2009 at 9:25 am

From the Washington Times:

Her Oct. 6 decision to leave Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas – after viewing an ultrasound-guided abortion of a 13-week-old fetus two weeks earlier – made headlines, especially when she ended up volunteering at the Coalition for Life center a few doors away. Her former employer filed a restraining order to silence Mrs. Johnson, but a judge threw out the case on Tuesday.

Now she is facing a different kind of music at her parish, St. Francis Episcopal in nearby College Station, the home of Texas A&M University.

Whereas clergy and parishioners welcomed her as a Planned Parenthood employee, now they are buttonholing her after Sunday services.

“Now that I have taken this stand, some of the people there are not accepting of that,” she told The Washington Times. “People have told me they disagree with my choice. One of the things I’ve been told is that as Episcopalians, we embrace our differences and disagreements. While I agree with that, I am not sure I can go to a place where I don’t feel I am welcome.”

It’s bad enough that this church is pro-choice, a view which the early church universally rejected (and which, thankfully, the modern church largely rejects). What’s more disturbing is that members of this body actually think their view of the issue is superior to that of a former Planned Parenthood director. Have they watched the ultrasounds she watched? What do they actually know about what they are preaching? Not much, I would guess.

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