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NY Times Caught Re-Shuffling the Religion Deck for Hasan

John on November 12, 2009 at 8:13 am

John at Powerline catches an embarrassing correction in the NY Times. First, here’s what the original article said about the difficulty of life in the military for Muslims:

Too many Americans overlook the heroic efforts of Arab-Americans in uniform, said Capt. Eric Rahman…He cited the example of Lieutenant Michael A. Monsoor, a Navy Seal who was awarded the Medal of Honor after pulling a team member to safety during firefight in 2006, in Ramadi, Iraq. Lieutenant Monsoor died saving another American, yet he will never be remembered like Major Hasan, said Captain Rahman. Regardless, he said, Muslim- and Arab-Americans are crucial to the military’s success in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Notice a subtle transition there? The whole article was about how tough it is for Muslims in the U.S. military, yet the last paragraphs speak of “Arab-Americans.” Is that the same thing? Well, not quite, as the Times admitted today in its Corrections section:

An article on Monday about difficulties for Muslims serving in the American armed forces described incorrectly the background of Michael A. Monsoor, a member of the Navy Seals. Mr. Monsoor was a Christian of Lebanese and Irish descent, not a Muslim. The article also described incorrectly the act that earned him a Medal of Honor. It was for falling on a grenade and saving at least three team members — not for pulling a team member to safety. (Saving a team member in an earlier incident earned him a Silver Star.)

Talk about bending over backwards. They made an Arab Christian into a Muslim. Oh, well. I’m sure they’ll find some new way of supporting their pre-determined conclusion now that this has failed.

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