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Faye Turney Embarrassed Half-Pint Tyrant

John on April 10, 2007 at 9:29 am

The 15 hostages have been getting a lot of bad press for their behavior while in captivity in Iran. Some of it is justified in my opinion but not all, as this story from the Sun shows:

She was the first of the 15 hostages ushered forward during the cynical stunt in the madman’s own Tehran palace garden.

As Faye stood in front of bearded Ahmadinejad he asked her through a translator: “How is your daughter?”

Faye fumed in response: “I don’t know, Mr President, I haven’t seen her for 13 days — remember?”

The Islamic fanatic stuttered: “Oh yes. But haven’t you been allowed a phone call to her?”

Faye replied: “No I most certainly have not”.

Taken aback by her forthright response, Ahmadinejad was momentarily lost for words. Red-faced, he then muttered: “Er, well, good luck in your life and your future”.

And with that he nervously signalled to flunkies to move Faye on so he could meet the next hostage.

An aide then gave her a children’s doll as the president’s personal present for her only child Molly, three.

Faye said of Ahmadinejad: “He looked really embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.”

She has nothing but scorn for the tyrant whose brutal underlings stripped her to her knickers, threw her in a freezing cell and made her believe she would be killed.

Faye continued: “My feeling was he’d started to regret taking us, and he was trying to say to us, ‘No hard feelings, guys’.

“To me, that just defined the sort of man he is — shallow.

“Yes, it would be fair to say I’m not his biggest fan.”

Faye’s showdown explains why state-controlled Iranian TV aired the clip of her meeting only very briefly and without sound.

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