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Radical 9/11 Cleric Linked to Fort Hood Shooter: Nidal Hasan is a Hero

Morgen on November 8, 2009 at 10:07 pm

It was reported on Saturday that the Fort Hood shooter, Nidal Hasan, attended the same mosque in Great Falls, Virginia in 2001 as two of the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks. From the Telegraph:

The preacher at the time was Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born Yemeni scholar who was banned from addressing a meeting in London by video link in August because he is accused of supporting attacks on British troops and backing terrorist organisations.

Hasan’s eyes “lit up” when he mentioned his deep respect for al-Awlaki’s teachings, according to a fellow Muslim officer at the Fort Hood base in Texas, the scene of Thursday’s horrific shooting spree.

Late this evening, al-Awlaki, who is now based in Yemen, commented on the shootings on a blog posting with the heading “Nidal Hassan Did the Right Thing“:

Nidal Hassan [sic] is a hero. He is a man of conscience who could not bear living the contradiction of being a Muslim and serving in an army that is fighting against his own people. This is a contradiction that many Muslims brush aside and just pretend that it doesn’t exist. Any decent Muslim cannot live, understanding properly his duties towards his Creator and his fellow Muslims, and yet serve as a US soldier. The US is leading the war against terrorism which in reality is a war against Islam. Its army is directly invading two Muslim countries and indirectly occupying the rest through its stooges.

Nidal opened fire on soldiers who were on their way to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. How can there be any dispute about the virtue of what he has done? In fact the only way a Muslim could Islamically justify serving as a soldier in the US army is if his intention is to follow the footsteps of men like Nidal.

The heroic act of brother Nidal also shows the dilemma of the Muslim American community. Increasingly they are being cornered into taking stances that would either make them betray Islam or betray their nation. Many amongst them are choosing the former. The Muslim organizations in America came out in a pitiful chorus condemning Nidal’s operation.The fact that fighting against the US army is an Islamic duty today cannot be disputed. No scholar with a grain of Islamic knowledge can defy the clear cut proofs that Muslims today have the right -rather the duty- to fight against American tyranny. Nidal has killed soldiers who were about to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in order to kill Muslims. The American Muslims who condemned his actions have committed treason against the Muslim Ummah and have fallen into hypocrisy.

I have a hard time even imagining the level of depravity and moral bankruptcy necessary to view the cold-blooded massacre of unarmed men and women as an act of heroism. It’s an act of cowardice, and Al-Awlaki is a sick and evil man. He is an enemy of this country.

You know, I spent much of this weekend defending the rights of Muslim Americans against attacks by regular commenters on this blog – people that I normally agree with. And I still fervently believe that Muslim Americans who desire to live here in peace, respecting our laws and traditions, are entitled to the same Constitutional rights to religious freedom and personal liberty as any other citizen. And I also believe that the majority of Muslims living in the U.S. fall into this category.

But anyone who has empathy on any level for the actions of Hasan, or the views expressed by Al-Awlaki, does not deserve to be an American as far as I’m concerned.

Al-Awlaki closes his post with this:

The inconsistency of being a Muslim today and living in America and the West in general reveals the wisdom behind the opinions that call for migration from the West. It is becoming more and more difficult to hold on to Islam in an environment that is becoming more hostile towards Muslims.

Somehow I don’t think al-Awlaki is all that concerned about American hostility towards Islam. Not when he is openly celebrating the murder of innocents and calling for other Muslim service members to follow in Hasan’s steps. I hope any of his remaining followers in the U.S. promptly heed his call to leave. And that they are being tracked very closely by the F.B.I. as long as they are still here.

As for al-Awlaki, it’s hard not to hope that there is a rendition in his future (or better yet a Predator Hellfire missile), before he inspires or plots the murder of any other Americans. And God bless the real heroes in this tragedy.

Update: Al-Awlaki’s site seems to be down now. You can see a screen shot below:

Update 2: Apparently this psychopath actually has a Facebook account:

Al-Awlaki Facebook

Surely Facebook must have some content standards which could be used to ban this guy.

Update 3: A sampling of some of the early, supportive comments on al-Awlaki’s blog:

Abu Turab says:
November 9, 2009 – الاثنين 22 ذو القعدة1430 at 8:26 am

Shaykh Anwar al Awlaki may Allah bless you for your this timely post in defense of our Muslim brother Dr. Nidal Hasan. The defeatist comments by American ‘Muslim’ organizations were really disgusting. It made us think what you said long time ago that there will be separation between camp of Eman and camp of Kuffer; I guess we are witnessing that inevitable separation. An incident like these exposes the hypocrites & further purifies the camp of Islam.

Hammad says:
November 9, 2009 – الاثنين 22 ذو القعدة 1430 at 8:57 am

Comments like this make the Shaykh ‘AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted’. Ali RA said: “If you want to recognize in which direction the most righteous amongst the Muslims are, then see in which directions the arrows of the Kuffar are going”.
May Allah protect the scholars upon the Haqq and raise them to the highest ranks of the Akhira!

Abdul Rahman Cambodia says:
November 9, 2009 – الاثنين 22 ذو القعدة 1430 at 9:03 am

Assalamualaykum sheikh,

I read the article about the brother Nidal. They are trying to connect him with 9/11. This is nothing but to change the status of our hero brother from mujahidin to the coward or psycho. My brothers and sisters! Please listen to the lecture of Shiekh on the topic “The battle of heart and mind”.

May Allah keep my brother Nidal patience and steadfastness. Ameen

Not sure if the comments on his site are moderated. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Point of Order: The NY Daily News and My Pet Jawa are crediting NEFA Foundation with uncovering al-Awlaki’s blog post. For the record, we had it before the NEFA Foundation as you can see from the date stamps. The AP is also running a story dated today (the 9th) which recounts it. This post went up around 10:20PM on the 8th. Not saying the AP didn’t find it on their own (though it wouldn’t be the first time big media ripped us off) but the fact remains that so far as we can tell, VS beat everyone on this.

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