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Andrew Sullivan and Unanswered Questions

John on November 8, 2009 at 7:32 pm

Andrew Sullivan has been obsessed with Sarah Palin’s sex life since she arrived on the national scene. That wouldn’t be weird at all if Andrew was straight, but since he’s not…I don’t get the psychology of it.

In any case, he wrote a long post today about the latest break in the case. Are you ready? Sarah Palin had an ultrasound, then she had an amniocentesis to confirm the diagnosis that her son had Down’s Syndrome:

Presumably, the confirmation came by amniocentesis, a procedure that posed a small but real threat to the baby’s life. So the Dish wasn’t crazy to ask this obvious question. [The question being, why take the risk?]

Keep in mind that Andrew’s theory all along has been that Trig was possibly probably not Palin’s child. I’m not sure at what point he moved the goalposts to the idea that Palin was indeed Trig’s mother and started focusing on the minutia of her ob/gyn visits, but that seems to be where he is now.

Andrew has some even more penetrating (pun intended) questions later in the post:

When exactly did Todd find out about the pregnancy? And when did he discover that his son had Down Syndrome? Or were those two pieces of news delivered simultaneously? Why did the Palins make no attempt to prepare their other children for Trig’s special needs when they had so long to do so? Why on earth did Palin believe that the mere fact of her pregnancy would elicit criticism and disdain – “Oh, the criticism that I knew was coming” – when it would obviously actually redound to her credit as a working mom and governor?

Rather than take him seriously, I’d like to just turn this around a bit. You may or may not be aware that Andrew Sullivan was recently busted for marijuana possession. A US Magistrate Judge noted that his case was dismissed without so much as a fine by the US attorney. The judge thought this had the appearance of partiality. Some unanswered questions remain:

  • How often does Andrew smoke pot and does he do so while working (Hey, it could explain the Palin postings…)?
  • Granted Andrew thinks marijuana should be legalized, but given that it has not been thus far, should he be exempt from the laws he disagrees with?
  • Does Andrew think he deserved to be let off?
  • Why didn’t he just pay the $125 fine?
  • Most interestingly: What led the US Attorney to intervene and try to have the case dismissed?
  • Did Andrew receive preferential treatment because he is a well known blogger?
  • Did he make a call for help? Did someone do it for him?
  • Was this a favor from a friend or a fan?
  • Is this the first time Sullivan has been excused from obeying the law by friends in high places or has it happened before?
  • Did Andrew’s life-partner know about the special treatment he received? How does he feel about it?
  • Was the Atlantic involved in helping Andrew skirt the law? Are they comfortable with is pot smoking? Do they encourage it?

I’m sure you’ll agree these are all interesting questions, none of which have been answered. Anyway, they’re at least as interesting as “When did Todd find out?”

Maybe some enterprising blogger or journalist will find the time to ask Andrew about his illegal habits and how he came to be excused from the citation he received. Dont his readers deserve the truth?

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